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The Benefits of Peptides for Your Skin

Hey Beauties,

Happy Friday! We made it! I don't know about y'all but I'm ready for the weekend. It has been a good but long week!

A couple of weeks ago we discussed how to create a skincare routine and in the blog Ingredients For Your Skin Type/Issue, I mentioned one of the ingredients for fine lines/wrinkles is peptides. Some didn't understand what peptides are and how they are beneficial to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

So today's blog is all about peptides. So let's get into it.

How to smooth out wrinkles with peptides

Peptides are amino acids that benefit your skin. Amino acids give skin the building blocks it needs to make essential proteins. Collagen is an essential protein that our skin needs to stay looking plump, youthful, and fresh. Without these essential proteins, skin will soon look depleted, saggy, lacklustre, and tired.

What are peptides?

According to, peptides and collagen peptides are essential to the function and structure of the skin. When you add more peptides to the skin, your body uses them to heal itself. Peptides are sent directly to where your body needs them the most.

What are Peptides by Beauty Mixtress™

Every year after you turn 30, you lose 1% of your skin’s natural collagen. So, it’s important you keep topping up those collagen reserves to maintain a healthy balance and young, fresh-looking skin. While a peptide serum won’t perform miracles, it’ll certainly leave your skin looking fresher and feeling better.

An anti-aging peptide serum will help you reduce the look of wrinkles on the skin when used consistently over time. If you want to tackle redness on the skin, peptides can help reduce red patches with a powerful boost of antioxidants. Peptide infused products will help reduce the looking of sagging skin and by improving elasticity. The best collagen peptides have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which works especially well on sun-kissed skin.

How do peptides work?

Peptides work by boosting the skin with collagen. Peptides reinforce the proteins that naturally occur in your skin, so your skin feels softer and looks smoother for longer. These ingredients are most commonly found in anti-ageing creams and serums.

Make sure you always store Peptides properly, because they’re vulnerable to sunlight. I like to store mine in a mini fridge.

How peptides smooth out wrinkles by Beauty Mixtress™

I hope today's blog clarifies what peptides are and how they benefit your skin. Again peptides are mostly found in serums and creams that state they are anti-aging.

Are you interested in me creating anti-aging products as part of Performance Skincare™? Leave me a comment below as well as any skincare needs you have.

See you in the next blog.

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Greta James on

    Thanks for explaining how peptides work. I would like to improve my skin care routine since I am turning 35 this year. I will be sure to look into my peptide options to see if this would be a good choice for me.

  • Beauty Mixtress™ on

    @Yvonne Kirk: You’re very welcome. I’m glad you’re getting value out of the blogs😉

  • Yvonne Kirk on

    Thank you for info about peptides amino acids. You are doing and excellent job to keep us inform.

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