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Summertime Fine: Foot Care

Welcome back to the blog!

It's hard to believe we are on the fourth and final week of the Summertime Fine blog series. Seriously, June just went on by.💁🏽‍♀️ If you missed any of the blogs in this series, click here to view them.

This month I have given you tips starting with your hair all they way down to today's topic, your feet. Yes today we're talking all about your foot care routine. Just like your skin is more exposed during the summer, so are your feet when wearing sandals, flips flops and open-toed shoes. Not to mention the price of personal care services are on the rise.

Foot care is important because anything on the ground has the potential to land on your feet and shoes that can cause many issues such as dry skin, cuts/scrapes, bites or even a fungus.

Once we get our foot care routine together, then we can focus on how do our own pedicures with nail shaping and polish!

Basics of a foot care routine

The only way to keep your feet looking its best is to make sure you're giving it the attention it needs every day with some simple techniques. I'm going to start this process backwards today as daily foot care is done more often than a pedicure. So let's get into it.

Wash your feet in the bath or shower

Wash your feet every time you bathe

Whether in the bath or taking a shower, make sure you are washing your feet with soap and water each time you bathe. Just allowing the soap and water to run over your feet in the shower or sitting in the tub will not do. Water softens the skin and if you have dead skin on your feet, it will just sit there with the soap. If not washed with a clothe or exfoliated off, this will leave your skin extra dry and hard. Therefore make sure you're washing your feet with a tool.

Use a different cloth to clean your feet

Use a separate washcloth

Never use the washcloth for your feet on your body. You don't want to spread germs from your feet to other parts of your body. Always use a new cloth for your feet when you bathe. It may have bacteria on it from the previous wash.

Foot Care Routine - Nail Brush

Use a nail brush

There's always the possibility of dirt and germs getting under your nails, therefore as a best practice clean your toe nails with a nails brush while bathing.

Foot Care Routine - Foot Scrub

Exfoliate when necessary

As previously state, when water touches your feet, dead skin can become visible. It appears as white or light grey on your foot. You will need to exfoliate your feet to remove the dead skin. Not removing the dead skin leaves room for bacteria to grow and your skin to appear extremely dry and scaly.

Foot Care Routine - Moisturize Feet

Dry feet then moisturize

End your cleansing routine by patting your feet dry and adding moisturizer. Just like when drying and moisturizing your body, patting your feet dry prevents you from removing all of the moisturizer from your feet and adding moisturizer to your feet within three minutes of bathing seals in moisture.

Foot Care Routine - DIY Pedicure

Pedicure Routine

Now that we know what we must do when we cleanse, you may want to learn how to do your pedicure. A great pedicure consists of:

  1. Effective skincare products
  2. Tools
  3. Soaking
  4. Exfoliating
  5. Clipping/trimming
  6. Filing/shaping
  7. Moisturizing

I could sit here and write out a pedicure routine but I found a great Youtube video that will explains a basic process. I couldn't have created a better for you all. The video is by Abetweene and the video is a little over 8 minutes long. She's straight to the point an even shows you how to apply nail polish. Check out the DIY pedicure video here.

Have you tried LBBs pedi set? Our pedi set comes with a conditioning bath soak, conditioning foot polish and moisturizing foot oil. You can check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and the entire SummerTime Fine blog series. Leave a comment below on your foot care routine to share with others. Also, if there is a blog or Youtube video you would like me to create, let me know in the comments.

Have a fabulous week!

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Beauty Mixtress on

    @Georgina YESSSSSS!

  • Ms. Georgina on

    This is right on time. As I am about to get my Birthday pedicure today. I will be taking my exclusive Bora Bora Pedicure set…to the Salon (nail salon that is). I’m about to bring Paradise with me.

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