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Down There Skincare®: Intimate Hygiene


Welcome back to the blog!

Personal hygiene is important to everyone, there's no way around it. If you slack on this, it will cause not only skin issues but social issues as well. But what happens when only one part of your body is not feeling or smelling its best? It can leave with an embarrassing body order and irritated at the same time.

This month we are discussing personal hygiene down there. Many women and men experience odor or discomfort and not sure what to do about it. That's where I come in. We're going to get down to the nitty gritty on what causes issues down there and what we can do about it.

This week we're discussing personal hygiene. We'll discuss proper cleansing and the things you can do to stay fresh throughout the day. So let's get into it!

Down There Skincare® Proper Cleansing


Of course cleansing it the first step in your down there routine. This area needs to be cleansed with gentle soap or cleansers to remove dirt and odor. Your skin in this area is very delicate therefore your soap or cleanser needs to be gentle as well. Now there is a long standing debate in the community about the pH of a product for down there cleansing. It is said that this area is very acidic (low pH) therefore you need to choose a product around the same pH.

Here at Beauty Mixtress™ we have learned and tested that alkaline soaps and cleaners work as well. Our Intimate Cleanser and Body Wash and Intimate Soap are alkaline and our customers loves it. Therefore know that you have options. Our new Intimate Foam Wash has a pH between 5 - 6. Nevertheless we know that proper cleansing must be done everyday to keep this area healthy.

To properly cleanse your skin, rinse your genitals completely by using your hand. This will remove dirt, etc, from the skin prior to cleansing. Follow up with a soap or cleanser with a cloth or loofah. Cleanse this area twice to ensure your clean (especially during you menstrual cycle). Then pat your skin dry.

Please note, depending on your lifestyle, cleansing multiple times a day may be necessary (such as after a workout). Just make sure you're not using too much soap as this can dry out your skin. Depending on the need, you may not need soap at all. Pay attention to your body to understand what it needs.

Down There Skincare® - Wetness and Odor

Control Wetness and Odor

One of the culprits that can cause down there to be unhappy is wetness. Wetness can cause skin irritation and odor. There are many reasons as to why you become wet down there. Rather discuss all of them, I will share with you my number one product to keep you dry throughout the day, that's powder.

A great powder will absorb moisture from sweat as well as oils from your skin. This will help keep wetness and odor at bay. Due to the lack of air flow in this area, it best to use an unscented powder like our Down There Skincare® Intimate Powder. Our powder doesn't contain in talc or talcum making it safe for everyone. Without wetness, odor causing bacteria cannot form. Apply powder directly after bathing on dry skin. You can also sprinkle lightly onto underwear.

When it comes odor, you may prefer a product other than a powder. Intimate sprays and mists are perfect for this. You want to choose a product that neutralizes odor, not masks it. There are several on the market but before you purchase, check out the list of ingredients first. Choose products that has a list of healthy ingredients. Always be health conscious when choosing. Down There Skincare® Intimate Freshening Mist is a great option. After bathing, pat skin dry and apply your deodorant spray as directed.

When attempting to stay fresh throughout the day, you want to keep in mind that you may need to apply the powder or freshening mist throughout the day. This is true for most people. There is no one size fits all. For example, if you are a heavy sweater or you plan to be outside during hot weather for long periods of time, you may want to carry these products with you to freshen up when needed.

Down There Skincare® - Undergarments

There's no one size fits all

You may also opt to carry an extra pair of underwear to switch out during the day. This is a great idea, in fact I encourage you to do this. It will do wonders for you being able to switch out underwear. Just keep a sandwich ziplock bag in your bag.😉

Keep in mind that your needs are different to anyone else's. Don't ever be shy, embarrassed, etc. doing what's best for your body. You are to live each day comfortable in your own skin.😉

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Intimate hygiene is a touchy subject and I hope this series of blogs will help you feel better about yourself and your unique needs. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or submit it to me via our new chat feature on the website.

Next week we'll discuss itching and irritation because there's no reason you should ever walk around uncomfortable.

See you next week!

Beauty Mixtress™

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