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Summertime Fine: Body Care

Body Care Summer

Welcome back to the blog!

Last week's blog discussed face care products and routines that was beneficial to your face routine during the summer.

As we move down the body, this week we're discussing your body care routine. The beauty in these routines are that they're very simple because for many, humidity works in our favor so it's simple just to bathe correctly, right? Not so fast.🖐🏾

Summertime Fine Blog Series - Bathing

Bathing is important to our daily lives, but more so during the summer. This is due to our skin being exposed more to the environment which can easily rest on your clothes and skin and because bacteria is growing everywhere.

So yes, bathing is important but depending on your daily activities you may have to bathe more often and/or take extra precautions.

Nighttime Bathing

Bathing at night ensures you're removing the environment, sweat, etc. from your skin. The double cleanse method is encouraged to make sure you have removed dirt, oil, and bacteria from your skin. Use a moisturizer to seal in moisture at night.

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    Morning Bathing

    Bathing in the morning can be done lightly to remove any sweat or oils from the night before (if necessary). You want to go light because you performed a double cleanse the night before and don't want to dry out your skin. One round of a moisturizing soap or body wash will do. Just make sure to use a moisturizer afterwards.

    Summertime Fine Blog Series - Heat and Humidity

    If your day consists of you mainly being outside do the following:

    • Always apply sunscreen after moisturizing* and apply at least every two hours while outdoors (read product instructions).
    • Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids (water and electrolytes).
    • If you are a sweater, use body powder where you tend to sweat the most. This will help you stay cool and odor free throughout the day.
    • Bring extra garments. Never stay in wet clothes as it allows bacteria to grow. This can cause a rash or infect a current cut/wound. Remove wet clothes immediately and dry your skin completely before changing clothes.
    • Wet wipes/towelettes are great to keep your skin clean and cool throughout the day. These are great to use in areas that are prone to wetness and odor.

    Now that we understand our bathing routine and daily outdoor care, we can now focus on how to make our skin glow.

    Summertime Fine Blog Series - Skincare Products

    Glowing Skin

    To have smooth and glowing skin you need a clean canvas. For this routine, you need to cleanse, smooth, hydrate, and protect your skin!

    • Cleanse - Start with a cleansing bar or wash that will remove all impurities from your skin such as The Everything Bar, Ash with Pine Tar, and Ash with Tea Tree. These soaps are great for dry skin, acne prone skin, etc.
    • Smooth - After cleansing, exfoliate your skin. Our Mud Scrub is perfect for glowing skin as it removes toxins and impurities.
    • Hydrate - The best moisturizer in the summer is a body oil such as our Apricot & Shea Body Oil. Your skin will feel soft, have a beautiful glow and smell delicious.
    • Protect - Use a sunscreen that will protect your skin. An SPF 30 will do but if you're going to be out for longer periods of time, use a sunscreen higher than SPF 30 if your skin can tolerate it. Apply at least every two hours (read product instructions prior to applying). If you plan on swimming, use a waterproof sunscreen.

    *Please note, I do not use body oil prior to sunscreen because I find the sunscreen is enough to protect and moisturize my skin throughout the day especially since I will be reapplying it. Sunscreen gives your a beautiful glow as well.😉

    Summertime Fine Blog Series - Body Shimmer and Bronzer

    Shimmery Glow

    For my ladies that love that extra glow, apply a body oil with shimmer or lightly brush a little bronzer on shoulders, collar bone/décolletage or anywhere you want to show off a glow. This technique is perfect for evening wear.😉

    I hope you enjoy this week's blog and will use the tips provided. In the comments below, share tips that you use to keep your body summertime fine. Also, if you have a question, drop it below and I'll be sure to answer.

    I'll be back next week with our final blog in the Summertime Fine Series. We'll be discussing hands and feet care.

    Have a great week!

    Beauty Mixtress™

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