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Self Care Sunday - Do Something Different

Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday - Do Something Different by Beauty Mixtress™

Hi Beauties,

Today is the day to carve out some time for some self care. Why? Because you deserve it! Look you’ve work hard to provide for yourself and your family all week, don’t you think you it's time to sow into your well being?

Now contrary to many, self care is not just pampering yourself. It’s a time for you to do anything that fuels every fiber of your being. So I’m not going to say soak your feet (but do that if you want to😉). Instead I want you do something out of the ordinary. Go to brunch with a family member, good friend or even your children. Go bowling, watch a lifetime movie, comedy etc. Do whatever is going to make you feel good.

I clean my kitchen on Sunday’s (I know, not really self care), so I pull out my speaker and have the 90s Hip Hop and R&B playing and get a good two step in or even the electric slide.😂 I kid you not, it really makes me feel good and re- energized, lol.

So whether you stay in or go out, make sure to carve out at least 2 hours for yourself today. I know there’s not enough time, but make the time. You not only deserve it, you need it.

I hope you all have an amazing day!

Until next time,
Beauty Mixtress™️

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