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Down There Skincare Guide: Part Two - Chafing

If you are an exercise enthusiast, or if you are overweight, you have probably experienced skin chafing, the annoying and often painful result of skin rubbing against skin or clothing. Chafing can occur anywhere on your body, but the thighs, groin, underarms, and nipples are particularly vulnerable.

There are a number of ways to prevent skin chafing, so don't let it slow you down.

Ways to Prevent Skin Chafing
In order to prevent skin chafing, you must decrease the amount of friction to your skin. Here are some ways to do this:

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Stay dry. Wet skin can make chafing worse. Before you head out the door, apply Down There Skincare® Body Powder to areas that get the most sweaty. Powders can help wick moisture away from the skin. Don't stay in wet or sweaty clothes.

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Lubricate. Apply petroleum jelly, or a similar product, to hot spots. Lubricants can help reduce friction to the skin. For small areas, you can use Down There Skincare® Conditioning Balm. Petroleum jelly is inexpensive and widely available; several types of lubricants are available over the counter. You may have to try a few before you find the one that works best for you. To reduce nipple chafing, 

Down There Skincare® Conditioning Balm, petroleum jelly, patches, or tape can be placed on your nipples to reduce friction.

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Dress right. When exercising, wear proper-fitting, moisture-wicking clothes, such as those made with synthetic fibers. Do not exercise in cotton as this will hold moisture against the skin. Compression shorts, such as those worn by cyclists, may help reduce thigh chafing. Also, less is more when it comes to dressing for exercise. If it is warm outside, consider running without a shirt if you are a man and in only a jogging bra if you are a woman. A word of caution, ladies, make sure you are jogging with someone, even if you are not wearing a jogging bra. Lastly, choose exercise clothes and bras that have smooth seams to avoid rubbing.

Down There Skincare® Chafing Blog Treatment Plan
How to Treat Chafing
Skin chafing should be treated, so don't ignore it. Gently clean the chafed area with either Down There Skincare® Original Soap or Down There Skincare® Body Wash and dry it thoroughly. After cleaning the area, apply a protectant like petroleum jelly. If the area is very painful, swollen, bleeding, or crusted, try

Down There Skincare® Conditioning Balm. If no relief or symptoms worsen over 48 hours, your health care provider may recommend a medicated ointment.

Give your skin some time to heal from chafing before being active again. Continued friction will only make it worse and could lead to infection. If your skin chafing does not improve after trying these self-care measures, make an appointment to see your doctor. You may prescription medicine if the area becomes infected.

I hope you have learned a couple of things from this blog. Please share your thoughts and experiences below. Know that your comment can be in confidence, your experience and tips can be valuable to others.

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