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New Clarifying Body Washes from Luxurious Bath Boutique!

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Happy Friday Beauties!

Today we have released our new Clarifying Body Washes in two scents, Peppermint Tea with Honey and Lemon Tea with Honey. Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the journey of how these two came to be.

These wonderful body washes were created to give your skin that good ole' deep clean feeling. Unfortunately when it comes to a deep clean feeling, the skin has to be stripped and stripping is know to dry out the skin. Not so with LBBs Clarifying body wash.

I want to share how all of this came about. I know as a creator that essential oils a great for cleansing the skin as well as other beneficial properties but I just wanted it. You may ask why I don't feel like I am getting this same feeling from the bars of soap? Don't get me wrong, I feel clean using the bars, BUT the bars are made to be gentle. Maybe it's due to the summer months or because I am getting older but I pay close attention to my skins needs.

New Clarifying Body Washes from Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog 

It all started late last year when I created a skin care routine which I would exfoliate twice a week using the Down There Skincare® Body Wash. I used this body wash because of the essential oils in it. If you've been with me for a while, you know my skin does the strangest things at my age that most teenagers go through such as acne and dealing with eczema. So I figured this would be a great experiment and indeed it was. Eczema flare up were almost non-existent and didn't have a fighting chance with the essential oils. The result, my skin was so smooth. To touch it felt like silk. I was in total awe with my skin, but there was just one issue. After about 6 weeks, my skin started to get a little tight. I knew it was due to exfoliating with essential oils twice a week, but I love how my skin felt and odor nearly existed until three days later (yup, I tested it out).

But even as the creator, I knew this could not possibly work as a long term routine because 1. It's too expensive to use this consistently 2. The skin could potentially dry out. So what could I do?

New Clarifying Body Washes from Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog 

Fast forward to the 2020 Spring release. I had decided to make all soaps in the release with full aloe vera juice to be gentle and condition the skin. What a luxurious treat and I can admit it turned out better than I had imagined.🤗

As summer approaches it starts to get hot her in NC and now I have to cut the grass and run all types of errands in the heat. But after taking a shower, I would still feel hot. I would even begin to sweat. What a waste of a shower🤦🏾‍♀️.

One day I experimenting in the shower. I again used the Down There Skincare Body Wash with a washcloth this time (not the exfoliating gloves). Afterwards, I used the Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms Soap from the Spring release. OMG, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! I felt so clean, so fresh and like 5 lbs was removed from my skin. This was the feeling my skin had been yearning for!

So now I need to figure out how we can create another body wash that would give you the same effect with overstripping the skin. Here is where the clarifying body washes come to mind. I had created a series of tea body washes with honey years ago and thought this with the addition of more essential oils could be the answer I needed. The addition of honey prevents the body wash from overstripping your skin but cleanses just enough to accept any of LBBs soaps with Aloe Vera juice. I was amazed how my skin responded to this routine. One day while driving the boys home from daycare, I happened to look down at my arm and it had a beautiful sheen and felt smooth almost silky like. And before you ask, no it was not due to lotion because I did not have any on. It's too darn hot and you know I begin sweating in less than 30 seconds🤷🏽‍♀️ I literally tried to take a picture of my arm in that lighting but I couldn't. I was trying with one hand, lol.

Ok, ok.....enough about the backstory but y'all know I love to let you know how things come about. So let's talk a little bit more about our new body washes.

Clarifying Body Washes from Luxurious Bath Boutique 

The Peppermint Tea with honey body wash has been infused with concentrated peppermint tea and peppermint essential oil. As you pour the body wash on your shower puff, it pours in a syrup like texture with a dark green hue.

The Lemon Tea with honey body wash has been infused with concentrated lemon balm tea and lemongrass essential oil. Like the Peppermint wash, it has a syrup like texture with a brownish yellow hue.

The honey that has been added is an African wild honey made in Ghana.

I hope you enjoyed my journey on creating great products for you at Luxurious Bath Boutique. Click any of the blue links within this blog to be taken to each of the product listings. If you should have any questions or comments, please submit them below.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Georgina on

    Omg, this heat wave that just passed through Long Island, I was in desperate need of relief. I was sweating more than a witness with no protection on the witness stand. I love the Peppermint Tea with Honey Bodywash. It’s a must have for summer. I highly recommend it. I’ve posted about it on Instagram. Thanks for tip about peppermint tea. I will be drinking more of this. Mosquitos have drone surveillance on me and I think they just upgraded to night vision and infrared vision. I’m always on the lookout for what can use to minimize my irritation naturally. Thank you.

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