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Today is my Self Care Day!!!

Self Care Day Blog by Luxurious Bath Boutique™


Today is my self care day. I truly need it. Always working, always cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, etc. We've all had a week of responsibilities and tonight is my night to simmer down and relax.

My choice of self care today is a nice warm bath at least 45 minutes long. I will indulge in a #bathbomb or two (more coming on October 1), cleanse with Bora Bora soap (SOLD OUT) and moisturize in Pink Sugar Type Whipped Body Butter all from Luxurious Bath Boutique™. I will either watch a love story, meditate or listen to some smooth jazz or R&B. Either way, I'm going to enjoy myself. Oh, I will also enjoy a glass of wine. I'm prepping for this evening right now😉

Have you had a self care day this week? When was your last selfcare day? Let's just say it's been a minute. It's still early enough to adjust your schedule, get hubby to pitch in a little more or have the kids stay a little while longer with family so you can focus on you.

It today doesn't work for you, that's ok. Look at your calendar to see when you can plan for some self care.

Plan for your next self care with luxury skincare products from Luxurious Bath Boutique by checking out our latest products on the site. Email me with any questions at

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