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New Beauty Therapy Community!

Welcome back to the blog!

I'm so happy to inform you the new Beauty Therapy with Beauty Mixtress™ Community is open to our customers and those on the email list.

This community is all about skincare, self care and self love. All the things that beautify your life. You are able give and receive advice, share self care resources, and build lasting relationships with one another.

I'm super excited for this community and our new members.

Community Requirements:

  • This community is for women 30 years old and up.
  • You must be engaged. We are a community of women who are excited about our products and self care (mentally and physically). Therefore your input is required.
  • You must be on the mailing list. This community is for customers who love LBB. If you haven't purchased with us yet, you can join our mailing list. You will have a 30-day grace period to become a customer or will be removed.
  • All other standard group rules apply.

If this sounds like a community you would like to join, click this link here.

Beauty Mixtress™ 

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