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I'm a Self Care Advocate!

Welcome back to the blog!

In the month on October, I began a self care challenge by posting on a daily basis on how I was implementing self care on a daily basis. I posted about how I dealt with co-workers, gossip, death, health, etc. I did this because I wanted to share with you that it's not hard to practice self care every single day.

This was a great challenge for me. As a woman, I feel good after this challenge. There were days I was busy, didn't want to or feel like posting but I held myself accountable to myself and you. It was important to not allow anything to prevent me from staying consistent on this challenge.

Sharing my life was fun and scary because you never know what people would think of you. Did I come of fake? Did anyone feel I was lying? Does my life seem unrealistic to some? I really don't know and had to get into the mindset that I couldn't worry about it. I know I was being true and authentic.

This challenge empowered me. It helped me let go of embarrassment and help with solidifying my vision for this company and for you my audience. So much so, we're not just a self care company. I'm a self care advocate. My goal is to change the narrative of self care being just a task. Something you do just to say that you did it.

I will be sharing more about my journey of becoming a self care advocate and empowering women and men on how self care benefits all areas of your life.

Stay tuned....

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