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Introducing Bora Bora!

Hi Beauties! 

We finally made it to the last soap that will be in the Fresh and Clean release being held on February 4! I hope you are excited about the scents being released soon especially the one being released today.

She is my pride and joy because she is a blend that I created out of popular scents in the shop. Introducing Bora Bora! This scent was first introduced in May 2020 as part of the Destination Getaway Collection as we were all feeling the brunt of the pandemic weighing on us. Bora Bora returned in August 2020 as a pre-order as I have several requests wanting it back in the shop. So here she is again. I think it is safe to say she is a keeper!

I would not do this scent any justice if I did not include the original scent description of Bora Bora. Get ready to be whisked away.

As you step into the shower, allow the water to warm and refresh you. Lift LBBs Bora Bora bar and inhale deeply. This scent is reminiscent of you opening your eyes, and for a second forget where you are, but then you remember. You finally made it to Bora Bora. As you get up and look around your resort hut, you are amazed by the beauty and overcome with great joy. You look down to only see tropical fish swimming underneath your feet through the glass floor near the swim deck our your room. As you step out, the sun greets you with a kiss to your skin and that first breath of the morning pleases your senses with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, jasmine, peach, dew-covered watercress;  white lilies and violets combined with a delicate touch of sun ripened pineapple; bottom notes of fresh apple, fresh green melon musk, amber, and balsam. Just a bar of freshness!!!!

Woo chile! How did you like your trip, lol.

Check out the short video on the making of Bora Bora.

Here is the final view before the cut....

Bora Bora was made with goat milk and cupuacu butter just as the other soaps in this release. To learn more about how these ingredients can benefit your skin, read LBBs blog titled "Fresh and Clean soaps have been made🙌🏾".

Ok I'm signing off to finish the editing the soap cutting videos that will start rolling out tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day and I'll see on the blog tomorrow.

Beauty Mixtress™

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