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Cutting Jade Goat Milk Soap

Hi Beauties!

We are a little more than two weeks away from the Fresh and Clean release here at LBB! Are you all excited?

Here is the page for the Fresh and Clean release. I will be updating it today and tomorrow.

We have finally introduced all 8 soaps that will be in the release and now it's time to view them cut. 

Please bear with me as recording on my phone was something new for me so I showed a couple of soaps at the right angle. It's gets better as I release new soap cutting videos this week.

So without further ado, here is Jade's soap cutting video.

Here is the Jade

Jage Goat Milk Soap from Luxurious Bath Boutique

I'll see you all tomorrow as I release the soap cutting video for Rich Bamboo.

Have a fabulous day!

Beauty Mixtress™

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