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Change Is Good!!! Welcome to Beauty Mixtress™

Hi Beauties!

As a small business, we always find ourselves changing things up until we find what works. At this time, most of the work is completed by myself. I've learned that I've done too many good things without proper processes in place. As a result, my life as a full time employee and entrepreneur have co-exist with too many challenges.

For those that don't know, the official name of the company is Beauty Mixtress LLC and it currently owns 4 brands. Beauty Mixtress™, Luxurious Bath Boutique™, Down There Skincare® and Performance Skincare™. As you can imagine, running 4 brands is not easy, especially for one person. As I continue to grow, some changes need to be made.

Beauty Mixtress™

Effective today June 9, 2021, the website/web address has been renamed to Beauty Mixtress™ at This change better aligns with using the company name to promote our brands/products. Also note, emails will now come from Beauty Mixtress™, not LBB.

You're probably wondering how did you get here since you typed Well it’s simple. I own each of my brand domains so I directed them all to this website. So no matter which website address you type in your browser, you arrive here. I wanted to make sure you will always be able to find me.🙂

At the top of your screen, you will notice Shop has been renamed to Luxurious Bath Boutique™.  This is where you will find all LBBs products. The rest of the site will pretty much remain the same.

Changes will be made to social media as well. I will only post to one account, which will be Beauty Mixtress™. This will occur on all platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I don't have an effective date but it will occur soon so make sure if you're not following these pages, give them a follow now.😉 I will notify followers on Luxurious Bath Boutique™ and Down There Skincare® pages of the upcoming changes.

The weekly broadcasts will change accounts as well. On July 5, I will begin broadcasting on the Beauty Mixtress™ Facebook page at 7:15pm Eastern. I will only share the broadcast to the LBB facebook page so those that haven't made the switch yet will see it. Just in case you're wondering, I will not delete the other pages because they are Beauty Mixtress™ brands.

I hope this doesn't cause any confusion. It will all mesh well in the coming weeks. I thank you in advance for your continued support and patience as I make this transition.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to send your inquiries to Oh yes, that has changed as well!😉

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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