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2021 Destination Getaway Collection is HERE!!!

Hi Beauties!

Are you ready to set sail on LBBs 2021 Destination Getaway? I know I am! I got my bags packed with the cutest outfits and the yummiest scents that is sure to turn heads.

For those of you that are new, the Destination Getaway collection was created in 2020 to assist our customers with mentally getting away to a tropical destination while we were under lockdown.

I received such great feedback that I decided to honor your requests to bring it back in 2021. The scents in this collection are created by me, meaning I have used scents previously in the shop along with others I have on hand and created a custom blend that cannot be found anywhere else.

In 2020, we released Bora Bora, Tahiti and Amazon Rain Forest (After The Rain) and they were a hit. We sold out each scent. Bora Bora has since returned for a third time!

2021 Destination Getaway Collection by Luxurious Bath Boutique™️

In 2021, I kept the momentum going with three new custom blends. Let’s set off to the Caribbean to visit Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Montego Bay!

Barbados Vacation by Luxurious Bath Boutique™️


Trinidad and Tobago Vacation by Luxurious Bath Boutique™️


Montego Bay Vacation by Luxurious Bath Boutique™️

The fun, creative scents are also available in Bubbly Body Wash, Decadent Body Fluff, Apricot & Shea Body Oil, Aromatic Body Mist, Bath in a Jar bodywash scrub and our new Butter Scrubs™️ body scrub!

Check out our site today and get ready to feel and smell exotic!

Until next time!

Beauty Mixtress™️

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