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Black Friday - Clean Cotton Gift Set


It's another great day in the Handmade Beauty Studio as I'm pulling together all the gift sets for Black Friday. Yesterday I discussed the Vanilla Peach gift set. If you missed that blog, you can read it here.

Today I have another gift set that is perfect for my bath customers or those who loves the scent of clean with the Clean Cotton gift set. So sit back and relax and learn more about how this set can enhance your life because you deserve it! So let's get into it.

Clean Cotton!

Clean Cotton is one of those scents that just says clean. If you love laundry day, then this is the scent for you! If you've opted for a bath, then I've got a treat for you. It's time to settle and unwind with one of our luxurious foaming bath bombs. Listen the world feels like its moving faster than the speed of light and its time for us to slow down. (i'm speaking to myself as well). A bath is just what you need. It's your getaway spot in your home. Our foaming bath bombs are infused with moisturizing sunflower oil and the addition of softening goat milk powder. This bath is meant to not promote a lot of bubbles but to be a bath soak that will aid in helping you to relax your mind and body.

Clean Cotton Foaming Bath Bombs by Beauty Mixtress™

After your bath, it's time for a quick shower with our Clean Cotton goat milk soap. This soap is made with a base of fresh goat milk from the farm. Goat milk is known for conditioning and softening the skin making you feel as if you have lotion on afterwards. With the addition of glycerin, this soap will prevent the skin from drying out and instead, draw moisture from the air onto your skin. You will immediately feel the difference when rinsing off and after patting yourself dry.

Clean Cotton Goat Milk Soap by Beauty Mixtress™

Before leaving the shower, make sure you to use our new Down There Skincare ® Intimate Cleansing Wash. pH balanced to prevent irritation and odor and soothing properties from apple cider vinegar and yogurt. Apply a small in your hands or on a soft and gently cleanse your intimate parts. Rinse thoroughly. I'm also including and unscented Down There Skincare® wipe for you to try😉

Down There Skincare® Cleansing Wash by Beauty Mixtress™

The next item in this bath routine is our new Decadent Body Cream. This body cream was created with goat milk to add and help seal in moisture at the same time. It's a little thicker than our Decadent Body Fluff and great for those who feel they need a little more oomph in their life. Our body cream will leave you feeling soft and smooth. You're not going to stop caressing your skin. After patting yourself dry, add body cream in small amount per body part. Make sure you rub the cream into your skin until it's fully absorbed. This will prevent using too and getting cream onto your clothes.

 Decadent Body Cream by Beauty Mixtress™

Next is the Aromatic Body Mist. Now this is where things get fun. You see, although made for your skin, this spray has a multi-purpose use. So let's start off with a couple of sprays to top of our bath time routine. You smell good, and feel good but now it's time to create your space. Remember, this is an all-around scent, therefore let's set our space. No matter what, you can always enhance your space with this spray. Whether your bed sheets and pillows, your favorite throw or the couch. What if you have family or friends coming over, don't spray this in the air, that will be a waste. Spray your curtains in the room where guests will be. The scents last much of the day. Plus it scents of the room faster than any plug in I used.😉 One more thing, would you like to freshen up your linen closet, give it a couple of pumps of this mist. It's do wonders.

So whether for yourself, home or entertaining, you have created a space that is comforting and and smells so good! When spraying curtains or other fabrics, spray at least 12 inches away.

I hope you enjoyed learning what will be included in the Clean Cotton Gift Set. To recap, your gift set includes:

1 - Clean Cotton Goat Milk Soap

1 - Clean Cotton Decadent Body Cream (8 oz)

1 - Clean Cotton Aromatic Body Mist (4 oz)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Wash (2 oz)

3 - Clean Cotton Goat Milk Bath Bombs (regular size)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Cleansing Wipe

Also, check out the making of Clean Cotton via the YouTube link below.

Let me know your thoughts on this gift set in the comments below.

Stay tuned as the next gift set will be coming soon🤗

Beauty Mixtress™


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  • Beauty Mixtress™ on

    Lol😂, you know I love experimenting Georgina. I’m excited about this one as well.

  • Georgina on

    Wow! So who do I leave my wallet with? I’m excited to try this new body cream. You know how much I enjoy the decadent body fluff. I’m ready to be snuggled up in this one too!!!

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