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2021 Black Friday Sale - Vanilla Peach Gift Set


Are you ready to learn more about the first gift set in the 2021 Black Friday sale? If so, I need you finish with dinner first, the kids, hubby etc. Go ahead and grab you a glass of wine to sip on while you read what is all in this set. I want you to envision yourself using these products, how they smell and how you will feel afterwards.  Our products truly give you a unique experience. So let's get into it.

Vanilla Peach!

Let' start off with our bar soap. Made with our signature recipe and a base of Aloe Vera, this bar was created to gently cleanse your skin while you take on the aroma of our exclusive scent made of sweet peaches and warm vanilla. A sensual and divine scent that will leave you feeling so good that you'd have to admit it to yourself once you step out of the shower. Also, with winter approaching, I swapped out the Coco Butter with Shea Butter. Shea Butter has a unique ability of not being able to completely convert into soap, leaving a small amount of this luxurious butter on your skin after rinsing helping your skin not to dry out.

Vanilla Peach Soap by Beauty Mixtress™

Next is your Vanilla Peach scented Bath in a Jar (BIAJ). In order to keep your skin soft and smooth, you will need to exfoliate on a schedule that works best for your skin. Our BIAJ is created with skin loving oils such as aloe vera and humectants to keep your skin looking soft and feeling moisturized. Apply a small amount to each body part in a circular motion, then rinse. Remember, only exfoliate when you see dry skin😉 

Vanilla Peach Bath in a Jar by Beauty Mixtress™

Before leaving the shower, make sure you use our new Down There Skincare ® Intimate Cleansing Wash. pH balanced to prevent irritation and odor, and soothing properties from apple cider vinegar and yogurt. Apply a small in your hands or on a soft cloth and gently cleanse your intimate parts. Rinse thoroughly. I'm also including an unscented Down There Skincare® Wipe for you to try😉

Down There Care, Down There Skincare Intimate Wash by Beauty Mixtress™

Now that you've cleansed your body well, pat yourself dry. Don't  rub as you don't want to remove all of the water (moisture) from your skin. Once dry, it time to apply your Vanilla Peach scented Decadent Body Fluff. Our Decadent Body Fluff was created to soothe and moisturize your skin. With Vitamin E rich oils such as Almond, Coco Butter and Wheat Germ as well as Vitamin E, your skin will be left with a beautiful sheen and glow, moisturized and soft to touch. When applying your Vanilla Peach Decadent Body Fluff, make sure you apply a little at a time and rub it into your skin until completely absorbed.

Body Lotion by Beauty Mixtress™

If you are prone to dry skin or will be out the house, make sure to apply our Vanilla Peach Whipped Body Butter. Applying whipped body butter directly after our Decadent Body Fluff will seal in moisture not allowing it to escape and therefore your skin to become dry.

Our body butter is luxuriously crafted with three butters, Shea Butter, Coco Butter and Cupuacu Butter. Each butter is excellent with softening and moisturizing your skin and sealing in moisture. Once Decadent Body Fluff is completely absorbed into your skin, apply the Vanilla Peach Whipped Body Butter in small amounts until absorbed.

Whipped Body Butter by Beauty Mixtress™

Next, it's time to layer on the scent. Apply a couple of pumps of our Vanilla Peach Aromatic Body Mist. Our mists were created to be layered on top of the other products without being overpowering. Each product allows you to build upon the scent with the next product. Making you smell so darn yummy!

Now it's time to finally relax, and we have just the item to set the mood. Introducing our new Vanilla Peach candle! I was inspired to make a Vanilla Peach candle when I walked into my daughter's room one day and it smelled so good. I thought she had purchased a new candle, wax melts or some room spray. I was like "OMG, what is that smell"? then proceeded to ask her what did she buy. I was amazed when she told me it was the Vanilla Peach Body Butter I had made a month ago😮. I told her I was going to make it into a candle or wax melts because it just smelled that good. So I did just that. Whether you're cuddled in your bed, on the couch, light this candle to give you all around comfort. Light your candle and place it in area away from loose fabrics. Don't allow the candle to burn for more than 4 hours straight.

Vanilla Peach Soy Candle by Beauty Mixtress

I hope you enjoyed learning what will be included in the Vanilla Peach Gift Set. To recap, your gift set includes:

1 - Vanilla Peach Soap

1 - Vanilla Peach Bath in a Jar (12 oz)

1 - Vanilla Peach Decadent Body Fluff (4 oz)

1 - Vanilla Peach Body Butter (2 oz)

1 - Vanilla Peach Aromatic Body Mist (4 oz)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Wash (2 oz)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Cleansing Wipe

1 - Vanilla Peach Soy Candle (10 oz.)

Let me know your thoughts on this gift set in the comments below.

Stay tuned as the next gift set will be coming soon🤗

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Beauty Mixtress™ on

    Haha….I know. I can tell you for sure this will remain in the shop. Vanilla Peach is definitely a year round scent!

  • Georgina on

    Wow, you really came for me with this. Now I’m never going to want to leave the house. What you doing? I got plans…Mr.V 🍑.

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