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Self Care Sunday - Creating Your Space

Self Care Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday - Creating Your Space by Beauty Mixtress™


I'm sure with all the fun, festivities (and shopping) most have done this holiday week, you have to be tired or at least in need of a little relaxation. I'll admit, I don't have much time today as I begin shipping orders tomorrow, but I will definitely take care of me.

I received a question in regards to creating spaces based on my blogs as she never thought about this before. In fact, many of us don't think about creating a space because we're just so busy or feel there's no way you can create this in your home. But real talk, creating a space is exactly what you need. These days, spaces for self-care within the home are becoming just as essential as our kitchens, home offices, and family rooms. Just as we need spaces to eat, cook, work, and rest our bodies, we need spaces to rest, recoup, and rejuvenate our minds and spirits as well.

Many will refer to their bathroom as their self-care space but there are other areas you can claim. A space for self-care in your home doesn't need to be large and have luxuries like a hotel suite. What matters is it's an area that can be free from any distractions and has privacy. Through all senses, be it sight, smell, hearing, or with your favorite objects, it can bring about peace, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

If you don't have exclusive use of the bathroom, another option could be a comfortable chair in a quiet area of your home where you can play your favorite music, light a candle that exudes your favorite scents, and mainly do what you love that will feed your soul.

I for one love to curl up in my bed or my favorite chair with my big throw. Read a book, journaling, etc. Another thing I like, because I don't have a fireplace in my home, is to pull up a YouTube video of a fireplace on my big screen. You can hear the wood crackling and all. Keep the lights low and proceed. It may sound dumb to some, but this works for me.😉

I hope this helps with planning your self-care routine. Remember, YOU'RE WORTH IT! Do you boo!

QUESTION: Do you like creating spaces for your self-care time? Answer yes or no in the comments below

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!

Beauty Mixtress™

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