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Self Care Sunday - Be Intentional

Self Care Sunday Blog - Be Intentional

Hi everyone,

Today marks the first Sunday of 2022. I know many of us are getting used to the new year (like we're still writing 2021 as the date, lol), but I wanted to share with you how I'm working on adopting new habits to make this my best year yet, but in order to achieve this I need to change my mindset. I need to look at what I really want and make the plan to achieve it. I need to be intentional in the way I move this year.

Of course, as a beauty brand I want to share with you how I plan on making my self care routine more intentional this year. As mentioned in yesterday's email, I shared how I was good with my self care routine last year but I know I can do better. Like many of you, I have a busy life but squeezing self care in because I have orders to pack orders, my grandchildren want to come over, or I need to clean the kitchen will not work in 2022. I want to take care of myself more and so should you.

How your self care routine can prevent and get rid of acne

But first, let's look at what your life looks like when you're not intentional in scheduling time for self care:

  1. Your skin becomes dull and dry.
  2. You start to break out with acne.
  3. Feet are dry and peeling.
  4. Nails become dry and brittle.
  5. Hair can begin to thin or break off.
  6. You don't dress up or apply make-up like you use to.
  7. Low self esteem.
  8. Loved ones start to look at you differently and comment on the change.

Be honest, have you noticed you've slacked on your self care and some or all of these things have occurred, especially since the pandemic? If not, good for you! But if you've answered yes, we got some work to do. Don't feel bad, you're human just like me. A few changes and we can turn all of these things around.

How to achieve youthful and glowing skin

Now when you're intentional about your self care, this is how your life will look:

  1. Your skin looks youthful and glowing.
  2. Acne disappears and skin begins to look smooth again.
  3. Your feet are so soft and smooth you won't be able to stop touching them.
  4. Nails are smooth, buffed and painted on the regular.
  5. Hair begins to flourish with a new routine to ensure your locks stay conditioned and moisturized.
  6. You start to show up for yourself that getting dressed and applying make-up (if applicable) makes you feel good everyday.
  7. Your self esteem is high because you love yourself and start to do things that fuels your soul and makes your happy.
  8. Your loved one start to compliment you on how good you look and to keep up the good work. They may ask for tips for themselves😉

You see how I flipped the first set of bullets to show you the positive changes that will occur when you're intentional about your self care needs? This is what I want for you! I truly mean that.

Self Care Boost: Tired and Low Energy 

So let's take this a step further and see how other areas of your life can be affected by not being intentional with your self care:

  1. You're tired, low energy.
  2. You don't have time to have fun by yourself, family or friends.
  3. You don't feel worthy.
  4. You feel as if your life is to only work.
  5. You rarely smile.
  6. You're always complaining.
  7. You don't know what your purpose is in life

Can you relate to any of these in the list? I'm sure you can. If 4 or more of these are you, it's time to be intentional about your self care going forward.

Self Care: How to have more energy 

Now if you're intentional about your self care, this is how your life will look:

  1. You'll have more energy, why? Because you'll be going to bed at a decent time to ensure you're getting the proper amount of sleep for you.
  2. You're making time for yourself. Calling and meeting up with family and friends.
  3. You feel worthy because you have a new outlook on your life because you'v began to love yourself and know your self worth.
  4. You're starting to go out more and/or explore things that makes you happy.
  5. You're smiling all the time because you now have joy in your heart due to taking care of yourself more mentally and physically.
  6. You rarely complain. Looking at life through a new lens helps you see things are not as bad as you used to thing. You become critical thinker and problem solver.
  7. You now know your purpose and are progressing towards the goals you've set for yourself.

Self Care - What can make you smile more

See how the second list is more positive when you dedicate more time to yourself? This is what you want. This is what I want for you (and me too!). So take the time today and think about new habits you will adopt this year to ensure you're looking your best and living your best! 

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and found the information to be helpful in helping you be more intentional in setting aside time for your self care needs.

Leave a comment below on what habits you will be adapting this year or what you currently do now for self care.

Until next time!

Beauty Mixtress™


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  • Beauty Mixtress™ on

    @Brenda – You are not alone. We all have slacked off to some degree. Especially since we rarely go anywhere or see anyone. But you’re doing great! Continue to wear your makeup and perfume as you see fit. Just don’t lose yourself to this pandemic. Slacking is one thing but quitting is another ball game!

    One thing I’ll admit, I need to start wearing my heels again. I don’t want to look like a newbie when this thing is finally over, lol.

  • Brenda on

    Hi Lisa,
    Since COVID, I have slacked off some. I still exercise and I do my facials at least one to 2X per week.

    I decided to start back wearing foundation and mascara with a 😷 mask. I figured nobody can see me anyway under a mask. I even put on my expensive perfume to go to COSTCO.

    I need to get my nails done but I’m afraid of Omicron!! I’m trying! 😊

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