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My Daughter Was Skeptical.....

Good morning friends!

How can I sell skincare products when my own daughter is skeptical they will work? Maybe the fact that she has dry skin and my skin is oily, made her think there is no possible way I could create something for her skin. How would I know what to do? LOL

Skeptical Black Woman

Ok, I am not sure if she asked herself these questions and I have never been the one to push my products on either of my girls. My thoughts stem from the last couple of weeks as I have noticed she has been using LBBs face products more (she even bought the Pearamel gift set). But yesterday's conversation with Sugar made me realize what may have been her thoughts. Sugar approached me stating that she used the Ash with Lemon soap on her face and her face feels so soft and smooth. She then slathered LBBs Whipped Body Butter on her face and asked me to feel it. Indeed her face was soft, smooth and looked very vibrant with her chocolate self.

So it got me wondering, are any of my customers or followers skeptical about the Ash soaps working for them? If so, I truly understand but I am here today to say you don't have to be a skeptic, be a believer like Sugar (officially, lol). 

Check out the Ash Soaps today! You can reply with any questions below.

See you in the next blog,

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