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LBBs Summer Campaign: Put You First

Luxurious Bath Boutique's Summer Campaign: Put You First

Today Luxurious Bath Boutique™ is kicking off our summer campaign "Put You First!" If anything, the last few months has proven to me that our well being should be first on our list, not just during troubling times. Put You First means you will approach each day to bring harmony within yourself. Everything you do will align with peace, joy and happiness. Think about it, if you do not have these elements will you be operating at your best when taking care of your family or working at your job? If you are like me, your answer is no. I know some may be saying "I have small kids" or "I have too many responsibilities to focus on me". I completely understand, but I challenge you to change your mindset. You can't keep neglecting yourself for the sake of others.

Putting you first can include:

  • Getting 7 hours sleep every night
  • Cooking at home more
  • Taking your vitamins daily

There so many ways to bring harmony and balance to your life!

During the summer, I will be posting and blogging how I am putting myself first. It will encompass all aspects of my life which I rarely share. As you read my posts and blogs, share your thoughts. I would also love for you to share how you have been putting yourself first.


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