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Introducing OCEAN BREEZE!

Hi Beauties!

Woohoo! we are almost there. I received some great feedback on the soaps as well as "where's the cut"? LOL. They're coming, I promise. Looking at my calendar, the cut pics will start releasing on Tuesday, January 19. So hang in there.

Ok, on to soap number 6, Ocean Breeze! Just like Marina, it has been 4 (maybe 5) years since I made it. It is a challenging scent to soap with and I tend to stay away from them. Too much of a gamble the soap will not come out right. This time around, so far so good.

Ocean Breeze is a fresh, sparkling scent that begins with green Agave, fresh ocean air and sea salt sitting on a base of Driftwood and sea moss. Ocean Breeze is a dupe of a popular scent, Sea Salt & Agave. It truly is a beautiful, fresh and clean scent. Perfect for a woman or man.

Ocean Breeze is a goat milk soap that includes the lovely and moisturizing cupuacu butter. To learn more about the benefits of these ingredients, please our blog titled "Fresh and Clean soaps have been made🙌🏾". 

This soap will be available for the Fresh and Clean release on February 4.

Check out a short snippet of the making of Ocean Breeze.

One final view of Ocean Breeze before the cut✂️

Are you ready for the Fresh and Clean release on February 4? Well stay tuned as we have more items that will drop.

Have a fabulous day everyone and I'll you on the blog tomorrow.

Beauty Mixtress™

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