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Happy Saturday Friends,

If you read my blog on Chapter 44, you know that I am on a journey of growth and self love. I have been well on my way but I make sure that I keep family, friends and inspiring stories at the forefront of my life.  

This video of Anne Hathaway is just darling. She is a beautiful actress and this video made me admire her more. We all have a personal journey of faith, self love, self worth and anything else that makes us whole. Key message I received from this video is to 

  • Love yourself
  • Know who you are
  • Keep those who inspire you close
  • Growth comes when you can be vulnerable with those who care

What did you take away from this video?


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  • Brenda on

    This is a phenomenal story about Anne Hathaways’ life. I would have never imagined that her life was filled with insecurities and not learning how to love herself. She is such a talented actress but she was extremely disappointed in her personal life. I hope that she sought out counseling especially learning how to rid herself of self hate. Obviously, she has truly turned her life around. Godspeed.

  • Ms. Georgina on

    I had no idea about her ordeal. We are humans coexisting in this world together. I can imagine living under scrutiny. It’s a tremendenous pressure. This is an example of how being with the wrong the person can turn your world upside down yet how to come back from that. She did the work and kept on going inspite of it all. How many times have I rejected someone who was just trying to help?

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