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Ingredient Spotlight: Goat Milk

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Oh how I can sing the praises of Goat Milk everyday and just how wonderful it makes my skin feel!

Goat Milk has a pH similar to that of human skin, making it easy for your skin to absorb all the goodness. It has high levels of vitamin b3, fatty acids and triglycerides which are all super moisturizing and nourishing. Goat milk is loaded with vitamins like B2, B6, B12 and A as well as minerals like selenium. The lactic acid present in goat milk as well as other milk-based soaps is an alpha-hydroxy acid (exfoliates, regenerates and evens skin tone).

Exfoliate Away Dead Skin
Many of the benefits of goat milk for skin lies in the fact that goat’s milk contains alpha hydroxyl acids, which are pretty much vital in getting rid of those old, nasty skin remnants. It works by loosening the dead skin cells so that they can break off a lot easier.
Get Rid of Acne
Another way that goat’s milk has been used over history is to offer relief to those suffering from skin conditions like acne and eczema. Goat’s milk also has excellent anti-bacterial qualities. A fatty molecule in goat’s milk actually works to inhibit the growth of microbial organisms that act as a catalyst for those ugly, unwanted visitors. It makes for an excellent moisturizer driven to soothe and rejuvenate the skin, which gives it anti-inflammatory qualities as well.
Nourish Your Skin
Goat milk has a ton of vital minerals that your skin loves. Selenium, which can actually help boost your skin’s natural tolerance to sun.  Your skin will enjoy the nourishment from goat milk as it contains wealth of vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a key role in the healing of damaged skin cells, meaning it works to give your skin a new lease of life and stop wrinkles from forming.
Skin Balance
One of the best things about goat milk is that it offers a moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, repairing and revitalizing treatment that doesn’t carry with it any of the negative effects as many “commercial” products on the market today.

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