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Fresh and Clean soaps have been made🙌🏾

Hi Beauties,

The Fresh and Clean release soaps have been made! I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge this time. I wanted to give all as much content (blogs, emails, social media posts, etc.) as much as possible to really take you along on this journey.

I used to create soaps live on Periscope but it has become challenging to keep it all on schedule especially since LBB has been selling a lot more soaps since the pandemic has started.

I know editing the videos takes time and I did not want you all to wait to close to the release to begin seeing the production so I recorded both on the Canon DSLR camera as well as my phone. Although working all of this including my bright po-po lights was more work than I anticipate, I love how everything came out. 

As you can see by the below picture, I had a time positioning the lights to create the best pictures/videos. Once I got where I wanted it, then I had to make it hazard free and gather all cords to make it safe to move about the studio. I could have given you a fancy room footage but I am working on being more transparent with you all so you can see the process of creating all of your goodies.

 Luxurious Bath Boutique Soap Studio


Now all of the soaps have been made. I truly had a “mama I made it” moment as creating a production such as this took a long time. Below are seven of the eight soaps that I made.

Handmade Soap by Beauty Mixtress at Luxurious Bath Boutique

From the bottom on up are the following:

  1. Rich Bamboo
  2. Marina
  3. Jade
  4. Total Package (Masculine)
  5. Spa
  6. Ocean Breeze
  7. Cognac & Cubans (Masculine)

I’m going to allow these to sit for a few more days to allow them to set up (harden).

So let’s talk a little more about the properties/benefits of our Fresh and Clean soaps. All of the soaps in this release include goat milk and Cupuacu butter.

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap by Beauty Mixtress at Luxurious Bath Boutique

Goat milk holds a lot of nutrients. It contains proteins and fats as well as several other hormones which benefit the skin naturally. Some notable benefits of goat milk are:

1. Maintains the skins’ pH level
Also known as acidity, the pH is very important when it comes to the skin. The skin has an acid mantle, an acid layer whose main purpose is to neutralize any attacks carried out on it. Goat milk has light acids like capric, caproic and caprylic which work together with the skins’ acid mantle to preserve a perfect pH for the skin and hair.

2. Prevents skin problems
Using goat milk products regularly will make a difference on how your skin looks and feels. The epidermis endures a great deal when a person subjects her skin to factory made products. However, with goat milk, problems like eczema and acne can be a thing of the past because goat milk has natural nutrients which help heal and make your skin better.

3. Moisturizer for sensitive skin
Goat milk products for the skin have an outcome that surpasses those of commercial products. This is because goat milk has natural creams. Unlike most commercial products, the goat milk does not have any additives such as alcohol, preservatives and petroleum which ingredients are harmful to sensitive skin. Using goat milk reduces any chances of getting allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Goat Milk info courtesy of Benefits Of website.

 Cupuacu Butter Skin Benefits in Soap by Luxurious Bath Boutique

Cupuacu butter

What is cupuacu butter? Cupuacu butter is a vegetal fat made from the seeds of the cupuacu fruit (Theobroma grandiflorum), a species related to cocoa beans.

It’s good for dry and damaged hair, dry skin, eczema and chapped lips and hydrates and moisturizes intensively. Moreover, cupuacu butter can be used as a natural conditioner for hair and skin and offers a certain level of protection against sun radiation and damage. Let’s explore this wonderful butter some more.

1) Intense moisturizing and hydrating action. Cupuacu butter, with regular use combats dry skin efficiently, helping retain moisture better. This wonderful butter can absorb up to 440% more water, hence its intense moisturizing action.

2) Restores skin elasticity. The fats in cupuacu butter responsible for its intensive emollient effects are oleic acid (an Omega-9 fatty acid), stearic acid, palmitic acid (gives the butter its soft feel and light texture) and arachidic acid. Using cupuacu butter in your skin care routine contributes to softer, better hydrated skin and restores skin elasticity. Hydrated, moisturized skin looks plump, healthy and more youthful because it hides fine lines and wrinkles better.

3) Source of antioxidants. Cupuacu butter is a great source of potent antioxidants such as quercetin, kaempferol, catechin, epicatechin, theograndins and other flavonoids. It also contains antioxidant-vitamins, especially generous amounts of vitamin E, a strong emollient.

Cupuacu butter info courtesy of Nature Word website.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the things I have to do in order to prepare soaps for LBB as well as found the info on goat milk and cupuacu butter informative. Can you see why I used these two ingredients in our soaps?🙌🏾😉🤗

Tomorrow will be the first day that I will be releasing the first soap in the Fresh and Clean release, Jade!

Check out this blog tomorrow as well as our social media platforms to see more behind the scenes and soap making videos.

See you tomorrow!

Beauty Mixtress™️

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  • Tonza DeBerry on

    Hello, how can I buy a bar of the goat’s milk/cupuacu butter soap and is it appropriate for facial skin?

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