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Cutting Spa Goat Milk Soap!

Hey Beauties!

10 days remaining until the Fresh and Clean release. Are you ready? I have truly hyped myself during this release. My VIPs are buzzing too on the low low😂

Make sure you check out the Mid-Winter Release page to see all the soaps that are coming up in the release. More items will start to upload tomorrow so stay tuned.

The Fresh and Clean Mid-Winter Release by Beauty Mixtress™

Also please note, LBB is growing which means I do not have as much times as I used to with the website. In the coming weeks you will start to see a shift of consolidated products meaning there will not be separate listings for the products at LBB except for soaps and Down There Skincare products. To clarify a little more, when ordering Decadent Body Fluffs, there will only be one listing and it will include all of the scents you can choose from. This will free up time on my end as well make a better buying experience not having to look through so many pages. More to come on that so stay tuned.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Today we are cutting soap #7 of 8. A true classic and best seller at LBB, Spa! Again, you can check out more information on Spa HERE.

Here is the cutting of Spa!

And here is the final look....

Spa Goat Milk Soap with Cupuacu Butter from Luxurious Bath Boutique

Spa is a really beauty. I know you will just love her in soap as well as the other products it will be available in. Make sure to add her to your list!

See you all tomorrow when I cut the last soap in the Fresh and Clean Mid-Winter release, Bora Bora.

Have a fabulous day!

Beauty Mixtress™

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