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Cutting Marina Goat Milk Soap!

Hi Beauties,

Are you ready to see the cutting of our next soap in the Fresh and Clean release? I hope you are because I am excited for this one as she has not been in the shop for years. Let's cut soap #3, Marina!

To learn more about this scent, check out the blog titled "Introducing Marina".

Without further ado, here is the soap cutting video for Marina.

Here is the final look at Marina.

Marina Goat Milk Soap by Luxurious Bath Boutique

I hope you like how Marina turned out because she is such a beautiful scent in all products we create here at Luxurious Bath Boutique. She really is a beauty on a man or woman.

Ok, gotta run but I will be back tomorrow for soap cutting #4, Total Package!

Beauty Mixtress™

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