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You're So Predictable......

Good afternoon friends!

I consider myself low maintenance. I really don't need a lot to be content in life. But who would have thought living such a simple life would make it easy for people to read me. For instance, I never liked colored socks (I know, shocker!) so people knew my socks were always white. I could eat the same meal everyday for a week and be fine with it, so if you asked me what I ate on Monday, then no-brainer I'm eating the same meal on Wednesday. All my clothes were blue, black and grey. I used to rock a curly ponytail everyday that when an event occurred, most likely I just got a new ponytail, lol.

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The game changer was when a manager I worked with said something to me that made me look at things differently, with a side-eye of course. It was around noon and everyone was buzzing in and out of each other's offices asking where they were having lunch. During her corporate stroll she stopped by my desk and said "Oh no need to ask you, you're boring. You eat the same thing everyday". With a deep breath and a silent prayer, I told her I wasn't boring. I don't remember what I said next. But what I do know is that I "REALLY" liked the sandwich. I still do but have not had in a good while. She then went about her way but what she said lingered for a while, about two weeks or so. Was I really boring? Am I really that predictable? Am I missing out on life? You may think that I was overreacting, but it was that serious to me. In hindsight, I was missing out. Sure it's a gamble trying something new (maybe not when you're really hungry though, lol), but how much are your living if you're not willing to switch up things every now and again.

I can undoubtedly say that since that statement, I've come a LONG way. I wear colored socks and love it! I don't eat the same meal everyday but do prefer it when meal prepping. I now wear many other colors such as pink, yellow, red, etc. I definitely don't wear a ponytail everyday, I have since switched to wigs. Ok, I need to work on that some more, lol. With these changes, I'm not so predictable anymore, happier and somewhat more outgoing.

So I ask you, are you predictable when it comes to ordering from LBB? If no, how many scents or products have you tried from LBB? Be honest with yourself. I know you have your favorites but I want you to experience the LBB life a little bit more and at a fraction of the cost.

See you in the next blog!

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