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I Was Embarrassed......

Good afternoon friends!

One of the popular products at Luxurious Bath Boutique is Down There Skincare ®. Many have asked me what made me create such as product. Well in short, I had many issues. You may be thinking "many?" and yes, many. There were times that I felt so embarrassed that I did not want to go anywhere for fear of be irritated, soiled, have odor, etc. in front of other people. You name it, I dealt with it. So why was I going through so much? Because I have sensitive skin. This wasn't something that was discussed in my family back then so the obvious did not register. Certain foods were irritating me. My favorite coffee was irritating me and last but not least, the soap and body washes I was using irritated me.

Feeling Confident with Beauty Mixtress

My doctors had no clue what was going on. They told me to change to Dove soap and use the high priced lotions. I did everything they told me and it got worse SMH. They thought I didn't follow their instructions, but I had to convince them that I did. Then they were baffled. No one had a solution for me, I then began suffering in silence. Everyone around me looked so "normal", just living life. So what's wrong with me? I did not have the confidence to ask family, friends or complete strangers for fear of them thinking I had a STD or something. I can't recall how long afterwards I began researching and formulating this product line, but once I did, I felt completely free, at ease and CONFIDENT. Ya'll can't tell me nothing now, lol. Seriously, you can't be confident walking around everyday itching, burning, or having bad odor.

Today, I am not scared or embarrassed to talk about down there issues. When I broadcast about Down There Skincare ® on Periscope, I am happy to be the voice for women and men who would otherwise feel too embarrassed to talk about it. We make it fun yet informative as we can relate on what we are all dealing with. It truly brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

This morning as I was going over orders, I realized I have sold A LOT of Down There Skincare® bars over this Black Friday weekend. This tells me that this is an issue women and men continue to deal with and the products are working for them.

If you have been embarrassed about your down there issues, stop. There is no need to be. Most of what you are dealing with is normal. Whether it is due to foods, detergents, soaps or even cancer, it's ok. I know it can me a challenge going into a store trying to find the best product for this. But if you're still suffering, know that it's just not there. It surely wasn't for me. Give Down There Skincare® products a try today.

See you in the next blog!

Beauty Mixtress™


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