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Good morning friends!

Whether they rolled their eyes, waved their finger or the questioned was posed with a stern look and mouth twisted (ya'll know that look), I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been asked this question. People have a right to ask for their knowledge or out of sheer curiosity why they should believe me or try Luxurious Bath Boutique's products. I explained this to a friend the other day as she didn't understand why she had been approached with this question a lot lately. My friend side-eyed me as if she was in competition with the artist Prince (you know he was the side-eye king, lol). At the end of the day, it's just part of business.

Beauty Mixtress

So just in case you had the same question; Hi, my name is Elisa a.k.a. Beauty Mixtress. I am a licensed cosmetologist in the State of North Carolina for the past 13 years. Math and science were my favorite subjects in school. I suck at Chemistry but my youngest daughter is a chemistry major and she has been a great help since attending college. I love educating myself on how ingredients impact your skin by studying the latest in skincare with continuing education, case studies, medical journals and learning from some of my favorite cosmetic chemists.

I know that was a mouthful but thought I would cover it in one email. Hope this gives you a little more insight into "Who I am". But if you have any other questions, feel free to reply below

See you in the next blog!

Beauty Mixtress™


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