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Why Do You Smell?

Good morning friends!

Have you ever asked yourself "Why Do I Smell? If you have, I bet you began by smelling your armpits (why is this the first place we sniff? lol), inside your shirt, etc., but you're at a total loss because you had showered today. The answer is not as simple as "I didn't wash today"🤔 So now you're on a mission to find the source of the odor. Many customers come to me with this exact scenario. Beauty Mixtress™ I've done this, I've done that but there is still a smell. Trust that you are not alone. Embarrassing as it can be, I'm happy when someone reaches out to me because they want to find the source and fix it. Just so you know in my whispering voice, I get super excited when ya'll ask me for help🤗 The more I conversate with my customers, the more passionate I become at creating and teaching.

Let me just say that not all odor is overpowering or a down right stench. If it's an unpleasant odor, it should be addressed. Remember, we're all different, have different diets, live in different climates, etc. so don't be ashamed, be empowered.

There are several reasons why someone can have body odor and don't realize it. We'll tackle a five today as this could turn into a journal📕

Why body odor with Beauty Mixtress

1. Soap/Bodywash does not clean well.

You may be thinking soap is soap, therefore it will cleanse your skin. Yep you're right but depending on some factors it may not get the job done. For instance, my father used to work for NYC Department of Sanitation (he's retired now) and when he got home, he needed to shower to rid the day from his skin. Not that my soaps did not work, but they did not work for him. He needed his skin to be completely stripped. I don't blame him, if I had his job, I'd probably reach for the Ivory soap as well. Yup, his go to bar was Ivory. Well it does strip the skin, lol. So if a soap does not clean your skin well, then guess what, you're not clean. When you're not clean, then..........😳

2. Pheromones (Scents will work with or against you)

Now this one here always catches many people by surprise. As a society addicted to smelling good, we need to understand that every scent is not for us. Nope, not talking about a scent you don't like, I'm referring to a scent that does not work well with your body chemistry. This is due to your pheromones. Each person has a distinct, unique smell that is attributed to pheromones. Fragrances can either be compatible or incompatible with one’s pheromones – this explains why the same bottle of perfume can smell good on one person but not on the other. So be careful to purchase only scents that work for you.

Story: I remember my aunt used to wear a perfume called Red Door. OMG, every time she wore it I was in perfume bliss. Randomly one day I was out shopping and purchased it without trying it. When I finally wore it, goodness gracious did that thing stink. I was confused and thought I had a bad bottle, lol. But nope, it was not a compatible scent for me.

3. Rinsing thoroughly

I cannot stress this enough and there are so many I talk to that admit they can do this better. The simplest of the changes you can make it to rinse your body thoroughly. Even if you want to keep an incompatible scent, please for the love of bubbles, ensure you rinse your body thoroughly when removing soap. I like to start my showers by rinsing my skin for about a minute, then apply soap then rinse again. As I am rinsing, I use my cloth to ensure all dirt and soap residue is removed from my skin. Not ensuring all debris are removed creates an environment for bacteria and odor.

4. Skin Folds

Skin Folds are infamous at holding moisture. Moisture in the folds of your skin causes bacteria. Bacteria causes odor. Even after the skin is cleansed, the odor can still remain. Use a fragrance free or essential oil soap for the folds of the skin, this will help cleanse the skin thoroughly. Dry the folds of the skin completely then apply powder. My recommendation is the Down There Skincare PowderŽ. Folds of the skin must stay dry in order to remain bacteria and odor free.

5. Detergent

I love sharing this with customers because many don't realize that their detergent is keeping dirt and odors deep in the fibers of their clothes and ultimately on your skin. Many moons ago during the summer, I could not understand why I was giving off an odor. Not a strong odor but a sweaty odor but I am not outside for long. I remember seeing an instagram post asking "are your clothes clean?". As I researched more, I learned that many detergents weren't cleaning my clothes as they should. It lead me to purchase Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and some Borax. These two ingredients are to be used with your current detergent. Not only do they remove dirt from your clothes, but it devours odor as well.

Example, when I used to workout hard core, I was not smart when I added my workout clothes to my laundry basket afterwards. By the time the end of the week came, I had 5 days of workout clothes in my basket, not a smart move. Foul odor to say the least. I soaked my clothes using the soak cycle using the washing soda and borax then washed normally. It completely removed the odor from my clothes. After my next workout, I smelled my clothes and there was no odor! That was unbelievable and I was sold. I have not looked back since.

Friends, I hope this information was helpful in identifying what can be causing body odor. Save this email in your favorites to refer back to later. If there are other reasons for body odor you feel should be added to the above list, I would love to hear it. Reply below to let me know.

See you in the next blog!

Beauty Mixtress™


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