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"It Don't Take All That!".....

Good afternoon friends!

You know, when I embarked on this whole skincare thing, I really did not know what I was in store for. Sure I wanted to make great products but as I continue to research and study, it became more evident that skincare was serious business. Even when attending cosmetology school, I didn't realize the magnitude of beauty. To be honest, my drive for attending cosmetology school was because I wanted access to professional hair products. Yeah I know shallow, but I was in between jobs and knew I needed a backup plan just in case I would be without a job for an unknown period of time.

As the beauty industry grew, numerous amounts of videos on YouTube were about make-up and skincare. Videos on how to wash your face, ears, armpits, hair, etc. You name it, there was a video for it. I would binge watch these videos that sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with YouTube still playing on my TV, lol. I became so fascinated that I put together a plan of action on how to instruct my customers (or anyone who would listen) on proper skincare technique's. I had so much fun just a talking (you know I can talk), that I just knew I was in my element. Conversations had been going great for months, until one day I was talking with some ladies at a gathering and one woman stated "oh please, it don't take all that". "I use regular soap on my face and that's it", blah blah, blah. Ok, deep breath Lisa....I'm sure my face changed (I do not have a poker face). I then began to tell her of all the different issues people experience on their face, body and feet. She got quiet and heard me out for the most part.....I think. I then explained that although she does not experience any of that right now, doesn't mean she won't.

Beauty Mixtress Skin Routine

Here's the thing, if you think a skincare routine "don't take all that" and won't make the time to learn the proper way to cleanse, treat and moisturize your face/body, there's a really good chance you will be making time to get rid of things when they occur later. You'll be all up in the store trying to find something in desperation. Look, I rather be proactive than reactive. It's better to prevent than treat, right? Don't think because your mother or grandmother has good genes that you won't be affected by these issues. There are too many people out here that will tell you "I've had good skin" all my life until I turned 40 or 50 then all of a sudden things just went crazy. If the environment doesn't affect your skin, great but what you gonna say when the hormone parade starts? Acne, dry skin, premature wrinkles, tightness, dull, itchy skin are all things I don't want. Do you?

This goes for both men and women. Listen, I had no skincare routine before I began making products. When I turned 40, my hormones got EXCITED and gave me chest acne and back acne (a.k.a. Bacne). My mom nor grandmother had this issue but I sure did. Unfortunately I did not have anything in my skincare routine to prevent or at least minimize this invasion. Before I could get a handle on things, the damage was done and I am still working on clearing up the marks left on my back and shoulders to this day (more on this later).

I want each of you to make skincare an important (not overwhelmingly) part of your life. I would like to send you all a skincare routine that you can print out and hang in your bathroom. If you would like this routine, reply to this email with "YES, I would like Beauty Mixtress's skincare routine". I need at least 25 of you to respond. So hit that reply button to make your vote count!

See you in the next blog!

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