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Self Care Sunday - 2022 Self Care Ideas

Self Care Sunday - 2022 Self Care Ideas

Good afternoon,

Last week, I discussed the importance of being intentional about your self care in 2022. If you haven't had a chance to read that blog, you can read it HERE. I also created another blog on 6 easy ways how you are or can perform self care every day. You can check that out HERE

This week I want to share different ways you can perform self care. I will share beauty care but will also incorporate other self care outside of skincare as this is equally important to your skins health, but for overall health.

So let's take a close look at 5 things you can do for self care that will set you up for a great 2022!

Self Care Tips: Treat Yourself Better 

1. Treat Yourself Better This Year!🤗
Be kind and give yourself grace. This can be achieved with speaking positive words over you and by being patient with yourself. It's a great to associate with family and friends that will lift you up, lend a listening ear and tell you the truth about things.


Self Care Tips: A bath goes a long way!


2. A Bath Goes a Long Way!🛁
I hope you like baths. If you don't, I challenge you to change your mindset this year. Start off with taking a bath once per month for a minimum of 30 minutes. I bet you will fall in love taking them. A bath refreshes you, rejuvenates your mood and also improves our mental health.


Self Care Tips: Explore Yourself
3. Explore More about Yourself This Year👀
You may not like to be alone. You know your likes and dislikes, but often you may  ignore your deepest feelings. I want you to invest some time and get to know yourself better. For example, you not knowing yourself can lead you to stay in a bad relationship because you don't know yourself and/or don't want to be alone.

Once you know and make peace with who you are, you will be able to identify the negatives holding you back, remove them, and begin living a truly fulfilled life.


Self Care Tips: Make Way for Fun!

4. Make Way for Fun!
As I write this, I'm talking to myself. Our society places a high stake on being busy and places a low value on indulging in leisure activities. As a result, relentless working only obstructs our mind and hinders creativity .

Although we cannot enjoy a ten-day beach vacation amidst the pandemic, there are other methods to include leisure into your daily routine. Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t had the opportunity? Pick one thing to start with and work your way up from there. It’s not as difficult as you think it is!

Self Care Tip: Skincare and Grooming


5. Skincare and Grooming
This one is for all my skincare fanatics. This is exactly what strikes your mind when we say self-care. Invest in some luxurious body scrubs and a luxurious body lotion. Choose your favorite perfumes or buy a great hair mask.
When you feel like you’ve done your best to look and smell good, you automatically feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. Pamper yourself because you deserve the best!
I hope you enjoyed these great ideas on self care and the benefits of being intentional about it.
Comment below what self care ideas you will keep this year as well as any new ones.
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