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Summer Down There Skincare Guide - Part One: Sweating

Hi friends,

Down There Skincare is an important part of our daily lives, but it is ever so important during the hot summer months. Sweating causes wetness down there and when air does not flow, the wetness can become irritating to the skin and cause odor.

Sweating down there is not a disease. Most men and women, at some point in their lives have gone through this irritating problem that can lead to secondary problems like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, fungal infections and other skin irritations.

The major reasons for sweating down there can be many but most can be controlled to prevent infections. Let's look into the reason why we sweat down there.

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What causes you to sweat?

Synthetic clothing

The most common cause of vaginal sweating is the use of synthetic clothing like nylon. Synthetic clothing will increase heat down there as it cannot absorb the sweat from the body.

Excessive heat will lead to excessive sweating which can cause bacterial or skin allergies. Therefore its important to use cotton undergarments which can absorb sweat and leave you cool and well protected down there.

Luxurious Bath Boutique Down There Skincare Blog Sweating
Tight Clothing

Tight clothing, especially in the summer months can lead to excessive sweating down there. The lack of air circulation and excessive perspiration can lead to bacteria getting trapped in this area, leading to bacterial vaginosis, skin allergies and boils that can leave your skin rough and prone to fungal infections due to the moisture.

Always make sure that your undergarments and/or outer clothing are not too tight to prevent sweating.

Pubic Hair

Though pubic hair is necessary for protection of the pubic region, excessive pubic hair can harbour bacteria and cause excessive sweating as well.

Remove excess pubic hair from the down there, especially during the summer months to avoid excess sweat from causing problems. It is also a great idea to cut down or remove pubic hair if you are an active person such as sports, construction worker, etc.

Hormone Problems

Sometimes, the excess sweating can be due to hormone imbalances in the body. Thyroid problems can lead to excessive sweating of the body which can increase sweating down there as well.

In such cases, you must seek medical treatment so that the hormone problems can be rectified.

Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog Hygiene

It is necessary to keep down there clean and dry at all times. Sometimes, the excess sweating and odor can be due to lack of proper hygiene.

Lack of daily shower and cleaning of down there area will lead to excessive sweating and development of infections due to bacterial action. It is important to shower at least once a day and keep this area clean and free of moisture to prevent problems later on.

Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog Sweating Menopause

At times, sweating of the vaginal area and other parts of the body can be triggered due to hormone fluctuations that lead to menopause.

Sweating like hot flashes, night sweats etc. are symptoms of approaching menopause and menopause which can lead to sweating in the vaginal region as well.

These symptoms can be controlled greatly through hormone replacement therapy, natural methods and also through the use of loose and cotton clothing with layers of materials.

Let's recap what we can do to prevent sweating from making you feel uncomfortable and prevent bacteria and other skin issues.

Cleanse your skin well
If skin in not properly cleansed, bacteria will begin to grow and spread at the first drop of sweat. Remaining like this for long periods of time will can cause skin problems the very first day.


How can LBB help?

Down There Skincare® Soap or Body wash is an all-natural body wash.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Is rich in Alpha Hydroxy acids which help dissolve fatty deposits on the skin, which appear as little flakes or dry patches and it helps to balance the PH of skin.

Yogurt: Is a milk product that gently exfoliates the skin, adds moisture and balances the PH of your skin.

Essential Oil Blend: Our in-house essential oil blend gently cleanses, deodorizes and soothes skin irritations.

Keep Your Skin Dry

To keep skin problems away, you must keep your skin dry. If you find that you sweat more than normal, then you must plan your day ahead of time.

How can LBB help?
Down There Skincare® Body Powder

This powder should be applied at least 30 minutes before leaving the house. It can be applied other places as well. Under Armpits, folds of the skin, feet, inner thighs, etc.

Arrowroot Powder: Moisturizes the skin as it helps hydrate the inward layers of skin keeping it delicate and supple.

Bentonite Clay: Removes toxins from the skin, detoxifies the skin and treats diaper rash. So if can treat a diaper rash it surely can help with skin issues for adults.

Hope you have found today's blog informative. Check back next Monday for part 2, Down There Skincare® - Chafing.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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