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NEW: Soap Bricks for Black Friday🙌🏾

Black Friday Soap Brick Soap Loaf SoapBricks

Good morning Beauties!

Last week I informed you that I was creating new items for Black Friday because I am low on inventory. One of the items I created for the first time are soap bricks. Soap bricks are mini loaves of soap that yields about 3 1/2 bars (three bars and two end pieces). There will be a total of 30 soap bricks in 30 different scents available.

Why so many? Over the past year when purchasing inventory, I also purchased samples of a scent to see if I would like to include it in the shop. I need to test out these scents to see how they will perform and thought this would be a great way to test and not waste. 95% of the scents have never been offered at LBB, so they are new. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me if you would like me to offer this scent in our shop in 2021. Each scent strength varies, but you can't really tell until you use them.😉 Keep in mind, these scents are only available in soap.

Our soap bricks will be cut prior to packaging, but will be packaged as a brick. Our VIPs are doing a soap swap to be able to test out as many fragrances as possible. You can do the same with your family/friends.😉

Soap Bricks for Black Friday Blog at Luxurious Bath Boutique™

The Black Friday sales page will go live on Monday, November 16. Take your time and read each scent. Start making a list of the ones you would like to purchase. Remember, there is only one brick available per scent.

Ok, that is all I have today but I will be back later this week with more Black Friday items.

P.S. Don't forget, Spa Night with Beauty Mixtress will be held this Saturday, November 14 at 7:30pm Eastern. Register today at

P.S.S.😉, did you know that LBB is on TikTok? Check out our channel and give us a follow here.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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