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Day 3: LBBs 8-Day Skin Detox

Hi Beauties!

Day 3 is here and so far so good. Thank you to those that have been following and reading along with me. It's always fun when you have others join along on the journey to understand their skincare needs more. Even as a licensed cosmetologist, I'm still learning about my skin needs. They don't teach all of this in school you know😉

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Ok, so here is my day 3 observation. My skin definitely feels cleaner using the Ash with Tea Tree soap, almost squeaky clean even after apply the whipped shea butter last night. But I'll be honest, I didn't apply it everywhere as I should but it was late and I was so tired. The acne that is on my upper right arm has dried out and just about gone! No bad for staying focused for a few days. I did not use any acne creams on it. Just the Ash soap and the Ambi cream. 

My skin is feeling smoother especially my elbows. My feet is starting to look better since I had completed two pedicures (last Sunday and yesterday) with LBBs pedicure sets. My feet feel so good y'all like I took two inches of skin off (not literally y'all😂). My feet just feels so good! I haven't polished my nails yet because I've been admiring them natural. I might stay like this for a couple of weeks. I plan on giving these feet TLC every Sunday. The way I run around to fulfill orders is nuts that I don't mind taking care of my precious feet every week.

Now that I feel my skin is pretty much clean, I'm going to switch up my soap today. Which brings me to today's next soap you can use during our skin detox.

Luxurious Bath Boutique's Lemongrass Clarifying Soap

Day 3 - Lemongrass Clarifying Soap

Lemongrass is a staple at LBB. It's the first soap I used an essential oil in and was hooked. Lemongrass Clarifying Soap is new and not new, meaning I've made this soap before but I made it into a clarifying soap by adding more lemongrass essential oil to it. It is LBBs signature recipe with the additional essential oil makes it very good at cleansing the skin, but gentler than Ash.

Lemongrass essential oil is a source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C. It also provides essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Luxurious Bath Boutique's Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses
Lemongrass Essential Oil properties consists of:
Antifungal - an effective deterrent against four types of fungi. One type causes athlete’s footringworm, and jock itch
Antibacterial - ability to heal wounds and help prevent infection
Antioxidant - help your body fight off free radicals that damage cells
Anti-inflammatorya natural analgesic (pain-reliever), which means it can help to alleviate pain and also reduce inflammation.
There are other benefits of Lemongrass essential oil but you get this gist😉
My plan
Today's plan is to use the Lemongrass Clarifying soap today as I feel that my skin has been properly cleansed therefore I don't want to overstrip by using the Ash with Tea Tree bar again. Being this soap is LBBs signature recipe, it will be more gentler while keeping me on task with my detox. I will exfoliate my elbows only when bathing. Even though they are smoother, I want the trend to continue. I will use the whipped shea butter on my skin again as I'm just enjoying the heck out of it this week.
On my face, I will use the African Black Soap and Ambi cream in the evening. I have half a tube left so I will continue to use it at night and use my face serum in the morning.
I hope you enjoy our Day-3 blog as I surely am. Having this time to really devote to myself has been so satisfying.
I will circle back tomorrow and let you know my results from today as well as discuss a body wash that will benefit you during your skin detox.


If you have used Lemongrass Clarifying Soap or should have any questions, please leave a comment below.


Have an amazing day!
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