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Sensitive Skin Soap Restock

Welcome back to the blog!

On June 23, we'll be restocking some of our best soaps for sensitive skin. Ash with Tea Tree, Ash with Pine Tar, and Oatmeal Cream. I've made more of The Everything Bar as well as I was down to two bars due to the popularity of our YouTube video Natural Soap for Acne Eczema and Itchy, Dry Skin.

If you're skin is sensitive due to the sun, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, medications, etc. these soaps were created for you! 

As a person with eczema, I know what it means to find skincare products that will work for your skin, especially during a flareup. These soaps were created to be very gentle to your skin without leaving it or irritated. You can expect to be cleansed and irritations to be soothed. Skin will feel soft and smooth once you towel dry. Always apply moisturizer after bathing. This is a soap and your skin will dry out if moisturizer is not applied within 3 minutes after bathing.

The Ash soaps soaps formula has changed in a good way. I love the feel of The Everything Bar that I changed the oils/butters in the Ash with Tea Tree and Ash with Pine Tar to match it. I think you're going to love these bars even more with this formula.

Sensitive Skin Soaps by Beauty Mixtress™

Remember, these soaps (except The Everything Bar) will not be available for purchase until June 23.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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