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Put You First: Episode 4 - Feng Shui for your bedroom

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Feng Shui for Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog

Hello Beauties!

On my quest to put myself first in order to function at my highest being, I began cleaning my bedroom. Many of my single friends and I have a "different" way of living when our entire bedroom and closet is ours. Well my bedroom is no exception and one night I realized I was not sleeping well. I mean, I slept "ok" but I was not waking up to my best. Part of the reason is because I use the other side of my bed as a desk. Who can relate? lol

I recalled a conversation that I had with a co-worker several years ago around the same issue and she told me about Feng Shui. She asked me a few questions about my bedroom such as the three doors I had, pictures, positioning of furniture, etc. She then explained why I may not be sleeping well and gave me some suggestions. Long behold they worked. At first I thought it was all in my head, but every nights rest got better and better.

Since then, I have fallen back into old habits and sleep was not comfortable. One night last week I straightened up my bedroom. It was late so I did not have a chance to change the bedding but once I got in the bed, it so was comfortable. I mean, too comfortable. Sheets felt like silk and blanket felt like butter. Needless to say I slept like a baby that night!

Let's learn what Feng Shui is and some of its strategies we can use to bring comfort to our bedroom.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui — which literally translates to wind and water, is the ancient Chinese art of placement. The goal is to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness.

When it comes to your bedroom, is it a peaceful haven you retreat to for rest, and emerge from feeling refreshed and renewed? If not, a little feng shui may be just the thing your room needs.

In the bedroom, Feng shui helps you arrange the space to support your best rest and connection with yourself.

Follow these simple feng shui strategies that will turn your chaotic, uninspiring bedroom into the serene and sensual sanctuary of your dreams.

Warm Color Palette Bedroom from Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog

Use Welcoming, Calming Colors

Feng shui practitioners recommend warm, rich earth and skin tones such as terra cotta, copper, coral, cream, peach, tan and cocoa for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft natural colors like light blues, greens and lavenders lend the bedroom a quiet, tranquil vibe and invite healing energy. 

Bright reds and oranges are typically associated with masculinity. Pink and red are the colors of romance. Limit these passionate hues to accents around the room in the form of sheets, pillows, throws and other linens. If pink and red aren't your thing, try variations such as burgundy, pomegranate, eggplant and magenta.

Feng Shui Bed Placement for Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog

Position Your Bed With Care

In feng shui, the "commanding position" for the bed is as far away from the bedroom door as possible, but in a spot which still allows you to keep an eye on the room's entrance. This gives you a sense of safety and protection while you rest. The corner of the room diagonally opposite the door is usually best, since it distances you from the door while keeping the bed out of direct alignment with the room's opening, which is conducive to sleep, relaxation and healthy chi.

Feng Shui Clutter Image for Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog

Clear the Clutter

Clutter symbolizes unfinished business and impedes forward progress in life. So keep furnishings on the spare side and clutter as contained as possible to enable chi to flow freely around the room. Plants placed in corners are said to prevent energy from stagnating there. And don't use the space under your bed to store boxes of out-of-season clothes; doing so will block energy and lead to stagnation in life, feng shui experts warn.

Also consider what memories and associations the objects in your bedroom hold for you, and then get rid of anything (even the mattress) that you associate with a negative time in your life, a past health problem, or a former relationship. That includes the bedside tables you bought with your ex, and even the heirloom furniture that generations of your family have hated.

Feng Shui Bed Placement for Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog

I hope you can see how feng shui strategies are helpful in designing your bedroom for ultimate comfort. I encourage you to do your own research to see how you can apply these placement strategies in other rooms in your home.

Have you heard of Feng Shui or how furniture placement affects you? Please share your thoughts or experiences below.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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