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Put You First: Episode 2 - Get Some Sunshine

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Hi Friends,

Today I woke up early and was thinking about my day ahead and remembered I needed to cut my grass. I had surgery the beginning of June and the grass hadn't been cut since. Can you imagine the forest I had out there? LOL. It had gotten so bad I had a rabbit hiding in the tall grass.

So I hopped out of the bed to get it done before the carolina sun began baking everything it touched. Once I got outside, I realized how much I had missed the sun. Although it was already warm and humid out, the glare of the sun just brightened my whole mood. To give you better understanding, I was never a sun person. I was the type to leave the curtains closed, all day long except my living room. It took me a long time to appreciate sunlight and how it benefits my body and mind.

Luxurious Bath Boutique Blog: Get Some Sunshine

Actual Picture of Trees in my Backyard

Once I began cutting the grass, I realized how much my body was stiff from recovering. I sweated to bad and had to stop a few times because my lungs couldn't take it. The air quality on this day was terrible but I didn't care. The grass needed cutting and my body was really benefiting from the exercise I was getting.

When the yard was complete, I was tired but I felt so good! So good to the point that I am looking forward to planning my next yard experience to enjoy the sun even more.

I now make sure I pop my head outside to soak up the sun. It truly is a mood game changer.

What are you doing to put yourself today?

Until next time,

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