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New Body Wash Bundles!!!

Hi Beauties,

This Thursday July 22, 2021 we're dropping three new body wash bundles on the website. They are fun, fruity and perfect for the summer! Our bundles are a set of three products, Bubbly Body Wash, Decadent Body Fluff and an Aromatic Body Mist. The bundles will be on the site tomorrow and will be located HERE.

Pineapple Crush Body Wash Bundle by Beauty Mixtress™

First, we're releasing Pineapple Crush. Not a new scent to LBB but a summer favorite. Pineapple Crush is a rendition of Pineapple Cilantro. Why the name change? Well because I don't smell any cilantro in this but it has a wonderful pineapple vibe that our customers just love!

Banana Kiwi Body Wash Bundle by Beauty Mixtress™

Banana Kiwi is new to LBB, well kind of. I released it back in 2011 and this is its first time returning. Now if you are a fruity scents lover, goodness gracious don't allow this to pass you by. I released this scent to our VIPs a month ago and sold out and received rave reviews from each of them. Our Banana Kiwi is packs a powerful punch and smells so yummy! No its not a loud scents but will cause others to wonder what you are wearing.

Pineapple & Coconut Water Body Wash Bundle by Beauty Mixtress™ 

Last but certainly not the least, another scent new to LBB is Pineapple & Coconut Water. Look! Get into this scent right here. It's giving me Pina Colada vibes, island vacation, laying by the poolside vibes!!!! Brazilian Pineapple, Hawaiian Coconut and Coconut Water are some of the exotic scents in this blend.

All yummy, fun and flirty scents. Mark your calendars. Products go live on the site on 7/22/21 at 7pm Eastern.

Body Wash Bundles by Beauty Mixtress™ 

Ok, gotta get ready for our weekly broadcast on Facebook at 7:30pm. Come join me at on the Beauty Mixtress page.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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