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How to Shrink Large Pores

Hi Beauties!

If you have been following me for a while you know that skin care is a big part of my life because I deal with hyperpigmentation, acne and large pores, even though I am in my forties.

I really thought this would pass but here I am and here the issues still are. There are so many things that I have changed and learned throughout years that brings me to writing this blog today.

Large pores has been both beneficial and not beneficial to me. They are beneficial as they are my alarm system telling me when a product is bad for my skin and when a product is good.

When I began the journey of creating skin products, I will admit that I didn’t think it would be as challenging as it was. In hindsight I was a fool to think this way but making skincare products made me feel this wasn’t going to be so bad. Man was I wrong.

Fast forward, when I started creating these products, I thought about all of the ingredients that would be gentle to my skin. I wasn’t going for products that were for a certain skin type because I had to get my base formula down.

So when I began using the products, not only were the products gentle, but I noticed the pores on each side of my nose were getting smaller that now today, they are basically non existent. Well how can this be, I thought. So I started to dig through my notes on what all I was going for and how it would be beneficial.

After researching, I learning that many people with oily skin cannot use products with oil as they can clog pores and make pores appear large or even larger. I also learned that clay was beneficial for the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores. Hence the reason I created The Everything Bar. Don’t get me wrong, this soap is my jam and I still use this bar to this day, but there was more to learn.

After additional research, a new world opened up to me. Oily/combination skin loves water based products such as a gel face wash, clay masks, exfoliating and moisturizing daily. Using these types of products and no harsh scrubbing also contributed to smaller appearing pores.

How to shrink large pore before and after by Beauty Mixtress LLC

Let’s see how they are beneficial:

Gel-based cleansers helps clear oil from the pores, reducing their appearance. Performance Skincare’s™ Face Wash is a gel-based cleanser. Our face wash is also exfoliating as it contains a fruit acid complex which are natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) made from fruit. AHAs promote cell renewal and leaves the skin with a smooth and radiant appearance. 

With its ability to exfoliate, there’s no need for harsh scrubs for the face! Performance Skincare’s™ Face wash has all of these benefits in one!

How to shrink large pores with a clay mask by Beauty Mixtress 

Clay masks are beneficial to reducing the size of pores because clay absorbs sebum. Therefore removing that oil can help prevent pores from becoming enlarged and make them less visible.

Performance Skincare’s™ Clay mask contains no oil and is great for absorbing excess sebum to reduce your pores.

How to shrink large pores by moisturizing daily by Beauty Mixtress

Moisturizing daily. Ok, this was a true eye opener for me. I always felt that since my skin is oily, it doesn’t need a moisturizer. I was SO WRONG!!! Oil is not moisturizing, it is great for protection and giving your skin a beautiful glow but skin cannot glow without moisture. Even when a matte look is desired, skin should always be moisturized. When I started to use a moisturizer daily, I noticed several things. My skin has a beautiful natural glow, it is softer, my pores did not clog and dry skin/acne heals faster.

Performance Skincare™ Face Moisturizer is wonderful at moisturizing your face. Unlike the other products in the face line, our face moisturizer does contain a small amount of pumpkin seed oil (less than 10%). What I have noticed is that my pores do not become clogged or enlarged due to this oil being added. My skin is so soft and smooth and has not had any adverse reactions due to the oil in it. The face wash easily removes it during my next wash without any issues.

As I typed this blog, I like to site external sources that go along with the blog and I found a great one! I encourage you to read HERE. It’s from Medical News Today!

Ok beauties, I hope you found this blog helpful and if you have large pores, checkout the the new Performance Skincare line by me, Beauty Mixtress. 

Please note, this line of skin products was created to get feedback from you all in regards to my base formula and not targeted for a specific skin type. I am looking for favorable feedback (if warranted) before creating more products for your specific skin types.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please post them below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Until next time,

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Beauty Mixtress™ en

    @Georgina: Absolutely! I’m excited as well. Long time in the making but glad it’s here. I continue to receive positive feedback. I can’t wait to release the next set of products for Performance Skincare™😉

  • Georgina en

    I am glad Performance Skincareis finally here. I look forward to usi g it and giving feed back. Those before and after pic are amazing👏 Great post

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