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Fall Release: New Cool Citrus & Basil Type and Sugar Soaps

Welcome back to the blog!

Today I'm releasing two new soaps at Luxurious Bath Boutique™ onto the website, Cool Citrus & Basil Type and Sugar!

Don't forget, the Fall Release begins on Thursday, September 22 at 7:30 PM ET.

Introducing Cool Citrus & Basil Type!

This namesake is a loved scent from a major retailer, this scent was requested after I made loaf for my daughter and her family. What I like about this scent is that it's a mellow citrus that ends on a melon note, at least to me it does. Check it out here.

Cool Citrus & Basil Type Soap by Luxurious Bath Boutique™

Introducing Sugar!

Sugar is a dupe of BlackBerry & Magnolia from a major retailer. Named after my oldest daughter, this is scent is just beautiful. Definitely the sweetness of blackberries with a floral blend sets this scent apart from the usuals. Learn more about Sugar here.

Sugar Handmade Soap by Luxurious Bath Boutique™

Are you excited for the Fall Release? I have one more item that will be released, and its sorta kinda new, lol. Stay tuned.

Beauty Mixtress™

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