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Cutting Rich Bamboo Soap!

Hello Beauties!

Day two of soap cutting! Are you ready to see Rich Bamboo! This soap is a customer favorite because of its clean scent! Dressed in 3 shades of Chromium Green and gold belts to divide each layer. You won't only be amazed at how this soaps feels and smells, she will also look good sitting in your shower or soap dish!

Without further ado, here is the soap cutting video for Rich Bamboo!

Here is the final view of Rich Bamboo cut.

Rich Bamboo Soap by Luxurious Bath Boutique

What do you thing about Rich Bamboo? If you are looking for a true unisex scent, this is the one. Don't forget the release is on February 4. Mark your calendars.

Gotta run, but I will be back tomorrow with soap cutting video #3, Marina!

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