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Black Friday - Passion Gift Set


I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday. I've been busy today working on the gift sets for our Black Friday sale. I'm happy to say I'm almost done. This will make it easier for me ship out your orders quickly which is a win in my book👍🏾

Today I'm discussing the fourth gift set that will be available this Black Friday, Passion! Passion has been in rotation for many years at LBB. Thanks to My VIP Michelle for asking to bring back this scent. Passion is a pretty scent. Comes across exotic and sweet.


Passion bath routine starts off with the Passion Bubbly Body Wash to gently cleanse the skin. You will love the scent and lather of this body wash. With its sweet and sexy aroma, you tend to get too carried away with it. So be careful that you save some for later.😉

Passion soap is equally luxurious. Passion lathers very well as it has a goat milk base. Similar to the other gifts sets in the Black Friday release, this soap includes shea butter and added glycerin to prevent the skin from drying out after bathing.

Passion soap by Beauty Mixtress™

Need to smooth out your skin? Why not try our Passion Butter Scrub! It's a unique body scrub that leaves your skin feeling smooth without oiliness. Take your exfoliation game to new heights with this lovely body scrub with a base of aloe vera, glycerin and shea butter. Just apply after bathing in a circular motion.

What if you prefer a bath? Well Passion has your covered as well. Your Passion gift set will include a bubble bar. Our bubble bars are created to hydrate and soften even the most driest of skin. Loaded with glycerin which actively attracts and pulls moisture from the air to keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Before leaving the shower, make sure you to use our new Down There Skincare ® Intimate Cleansing Wash. pH balanced to prevent irritation and odor and soothing properties from apple cider vinegar and yogurt. Apply a small in your hands or on a soft and gently cleanse your intimate parts. Rinse thoroughly. I'm also including and unscented Down There Skincare® wipe for you to try😉

After bathing, apply our best selling Decadent Body Fluff to your skin to keep it moisturized. Make sure you apply it within three minutes after your shower. You will love how the Decadent Body Fluff scent last all day on your skin.

End your bathing routine with a few pumps of your Passion Aromatic Body Mist! It's smells so whether your using on yourself or spraying your sheets to freshen up the bed. (I love spraying my bed with this stuff!) I even used this spray to scent some faux flowers😉. Really, whose gonna know.

So whether for yourself, home or entertaining, you can create a space that is comforting and and smells so good! When spraying curtains or other fabrics, spray at least 12 inches away.

I'll post the making of Passion soap to Youtube tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed learning what will be included in the Passion set. To recap, your gift set includes:

1 - Passion Bubbly Body Wash

1 - Passion Soap

1 - Passion Bubble Bar

1 - Passion Butter Scrub (9 oz.)

1 - Passion Decadent Body Fluff (8 oz)

1 - Passion Aromatic Body Mist (4 oz)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Wash (2 oz)

1 - Down There Skincare Intimate Cleansing Wipe

Let me know your thoughts on this gift set in the comments below.

Stay tuned as more deals will be coming soon🤗

Beauty Mixtress™

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  • Brenda en

    My opinion – The DTSC is good but The DTSC soap should be included.

    I feel as though there are too many items included in the Passion Fruit Collection.

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