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This week at LBB!

Hello friends,

Last week was another fun and productive week at LBB! I did not get A LOT done, but I got a lot done, lol.  I took the weekend off (Friday-Sunday) so my daughters, granddaughter and I could attend my nephews high school graduation and get some R&R at the beach.  It was a great weekend!

I managed to still make 4 custom loaves that were urgent and cut the large batches of soaps that I made over the weekend. 

Now I have to admit I am a little upset. I attempted to cut the large batch freehand by measuring it first like I saw another soapmaker do and it came out all kinds of wrong.  Needless to say, there will be some listed on the clearance page as well as samples included in orders because they are cut all types of wonky, lol.

I managed to speak with a carpenter that make log splitters and he had one in stock and shipped it the next day.  I received the log splitter on Thursday and was able to cut the second slab "almost" perfectly.  Did you notice I said "almost".  Hey, it was my first time making/cutting a batch this large that it was almost impossible to be off some.

Ok, so now I know you're wondering when are the scrubs coming.  I know I promised you they will get the scrubs made, and I will.  They will be made in time for the release on 6/29 or 6/30. Still haven't decided on the date. But do not fret, they are coming.

I will post the cut pictures of the soaps that I have made this week via Social Media starting tomorrow 6/13/16.  I will attempted to get the email list the information as well.  Working on integrating the list from my previous website to this one.  Please be patient.

Have a wonderful week!




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